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    QlikView Server Upgrade (10 SR2 to 11)


      I am planning to upgrade our server from Version 10 SR2 to Version 11 Build 11149

      I am not sure the order of steps to follow based on my outline below.  If I have missed some items, could someone help me add on some checkpoints so no data is loss during this upgrade? 



      * Backup ?

      * Download  "QlikViewServer_x64Setup.exe"          (QV 11 Build 11149)

      * Stop All QlikView Services (QV Directory Service Connector; QV Directory Service; QV Management Service; QV Server; QV WebServer)

      * Uninstall "QlikVIew Server x64" via Control Panel Programs and Features

      * Install "QlikViewServer_x64Setup.exe"

      * Reboot Server

      * Restart All QlikView Services


      Much Appreciate Your Help!