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    partial "avg" instead of "sum" in pivot table

      Is it possible, to use a partial "average" instead of the partial sum ? It is possible to use it for one collumn, but is it possible, to use the average for all collumns (like partial sum) ?

      partial average pivot2.jpg

      Even so, by using "=Avg(data)" in the partial sum field, it sometimes produces errors. has anyone an idea why this happens ?

      The avg of 3x temperature should be 66C, but QV shows 22C. For another dataset, the same table shows the right data.

      partial average pivot.jpg


      i read some other discussions, which were dealing only with partial AVG, but

      - there are few

      - there was no successfull answer to this particular problem.


      Thank you for your suggestions in advance. Im shure im not the only one looking for this solution.

      Have a nice new year.


        • partial "avg" instead of "sum" in pivot table
          Stefan Wühl

          You are using a pivot table, I believe in a pivot table, the partial sum is actually a subtotal with an expression Total (despite the name 'Sum', it is depending on your expression what you get).


          To get an average subtotal, I think you could either

          - use advanced aggregation (look into the sum-of-rows example in the Help)




          - check for dimensionality() and use separate expressions for most granular and subtotal lines.

          See also the Help on dimensionality() function, please.


          If you upload a small data set, someone might be able to help you figure out the correct syntax, too.