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    Set Analysis in Dimension - Date & Previous Date

    Pierre Philippon



      For each Date selected (DateID), I have a selection of Stocks (StockID) which I use as a dimension for a chart.
      I would like to have not only the StockID for the selected date, but also the ones for the previous DateID.

      I think I should use set analysis, but not sure how to do this in a Dimension...


      Many thanks and regards

        • Set Analysis in Dimension - Date & Previous Date

          Hi Zadig,



          It may help you.


          The general syntax for showing privious month and year with selcted month and year is


          ex:-  sum({$<YearID+={$(=MAX(Year)-1)}>}Sales)  ->It will give you the sum of sales for selected year and its previous year ;  You can use it for month instead of year



          In your case: