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    Get max cell value of all rows and columns

    Robert Svebeck


      I have a set of calculated numbers in a table:

      Region A    B    C    D
      Alfa   1.43 1.23 1.78 1.90
      Beta   1.68 2.24 1.38 1.91
      Gamma  2.71 2.08 2.02 1.06
      Delta  1.68 1.59 1.42 1.15


      I want to color the highest number (2.71) red using a expression in the "Background Color" attribute.

      I tried this formula:


      Where [A] referens to the expression for column A.

      But it does not work.


      does not work either...


      There is nothing beeing colored...

      Any ideas?

      I was expecting this to be solved easy, so I must be missing something fundamental here....




      Robert S