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    Dots changes into line

      Hello Again,


      I have a line charts, but I want to represent it with dots so I made an adjustment in the expression tab.

      In my x-axis i want to show a difference between 2 dates(calculated dimension), in the y-axis a % of completement.


      My problem is that the chart appears with lines instead of dots.


      If I change my x-axis to a date it shows correctly, but I don't understand why the lines are shown in the calculated dimension.


      I tried to thicker the dots, but they don't seem to exist.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Even wierder, if i select one of the "Nombre Lanzamiento", the graph changes to dots...

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              Any clues?

                • Dots changes into line
                  Stefan Wühl

                  Could you upload a sample that shows what you are observing?


                  I assume that you enabled symbol as display options in expression tab (style Dots) and disabled line as display option. I tried to reproduce your problem, but it looks ok to me. On what version are you?

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                      Here I attach the file i'm working on

                      I'm on version 10.00.9282.8 SR4

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                          Stefan Wühl



                          I now see what your talking about.


                          I checked also with QV11, and there is no substantial change. You could also get dots with more than one Lanzamiento selected, if you select on date range (x-axis), though this is not a solution.

                          I vaguely remember that line charts have some issues with displaying being limited to some amount of data points, not sure if this is related to this problem.


                          All in all, it seems like a bug to me, because the behaviour is depending on some user selections, that is not what we expect. If you are a customer, you could try contacting QV support.



                          Two possible workaorunds:

                          If you only want to display a dotted line, you could use a line chart with a line style attribute set to '<S3>', open the attributes by clicking on the plus sign next to your expression in expression tab, enter


                          as line style expression.


                          If you want to emphasize a bit on the discrete steps in your lines, you could try using a line chart with line option set to 'Plateau' instead of 'Normal'.


                          Sorry that all this is not much of a help for you.

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                              Thanks swuehl!

                              It seems a bug for me too...

                              The problem of the amount of data points I believe is not the answer. If I change the x-axis to a date, the amount of points should be the same and the dots are displayed. 

                              It should have something to do with the calculated dimension, but what leaves me clueless is the change in the graph when you select one (or more) Lanzamiento.

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                              New info that could confirm what you thought (and I didnt).

                              I reduced the values shown in the x-axis, from -50 to 0 and the dots appeared!

                              Now I'm working with dummy info and the difference between days could reach -300, but with the real data I don't think it's going to be bigger than -30, so it could work fine.

                              Regardless, this should be checked by qliktech.