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    Bar Chart with Static X Axis (Months)

      I have a table of data


      Person A1/1/2012


      Person B1/2/201232
      Person C2/1/2012423
      Person A3/1/2012234




      I have a bar chart which shows the total sales for each month, with Month(Date) as the Dimension, and Sum(Sales) as an expression. It looks good!


      But I want this chart to change when i click a ListBox of my SalesGuys, so it shows the clicked persons sales. Problem is, if SalesGuy A doesnt sell anything in March, the months will redraw as JFAMJJASOND, when I want JFMAMJJASOND and 0 for March. Its not obvious that the month has been omitted.


      Hoe can I fix this, to force all months to be shown?


      I have tried "Show All Values" and Surpressing nulls etc with no luck.


      Thanks in advance.