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    Conceptual integration with Vector Graphics and Raphael JavaScript Library

    Robert Svebeck


      I'm working on a conceptual rapael integration extension for Qlikview which I plan to publish on the forum for everyones free re-use as soon as I have solved these two issues (see below).

      My idea is to handle the vector graphics in the documents "source database" and let the extension draw vector paths based on that data in Qlikview.

      I'm writing it so that almost anyone with some programing skills can undertand and take over for their own purposes.
      (I try to put comments on all rows in my code... !)

      I'm quite far in the process and already have a prototype that is working quite ok.

      This template reads path data of Sweden in the load script, when the Extension activates it draws a map of Sweden with qlickable regions. It is now very easy to just replace the paths and regions of sweden into any other paths. Could be a map of the world, or a floor plan or whatever.

      But ....

      There are two annoying things that I can not get to work.
      To be able to understand my issues, you need to download my .qar, install it and test it.(Everything required is in the qar)

      1. I can't get the read from document variables to work. If I can get this to work, I can control to color setup of the extension object more dynamic. I have removed all attemts for this in this code since I don't get anwhere on this issue. Please guide me into the right direction.

      2. There is a strange bug in my extension that I don't understand. If I select any region on my map -> exit the "Web mode" -> clear all selections Enter "Web mode" again  -> the complete map is not redrawn (ony the last selected region is drawn). Why? All dimensions are in the extension. I find this very strange. Seems like the extension object store selections in some way which is not fully connected to normal selections/deselections.

      Best Regards, hope to get some assistance. I think this project will be useful for many installations of Qlikview.