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    Problem with Sum Expression

      Hi I have the following problem with a Sum Expression. I have to Dimensions Fields: CalendarYear and CalendarMonth and the expression is the sum of another field called GastosPendientes.

      The original Table is this one:


      What I try is to create a Straight Table with several year and all their months but showing only the value in the correct month.

      So the table should be like this one:


      But what I get is this one instead:


      The expression is just



      Am I doing something wrong).

      Thank you all!!

        • Problem with Sum Expression
          Stefan Wühl

          Have you done anything inbetween creating your original table shown at the top and the straight table at the bottom, namely in the script? It seems that your GastosPendientes are not linked to CalendarYear and CalendarMonth properly anymore, it seems that you are getting the total of all records for GastosPendiente for every Year / Month.


          Have you created a master calendar? Could you post your script or a small sample app?