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    Sum Only Expression Help!

      Hi gang, i need your help. I need to sum only regional contracts. I have a listing of contracts, and some of them are tagged as "regional." How can i sum only regional contracts using an expression?


      VendorValueContract Type
      Ricks' Car$10Regional
      Jim Auto$55Regional
      J&J taxi$5Local


      the answer would be $65 (Ricks and Jims total)




        • Sum Only Expression Help!
          Stefan Wühl

          Brian, you could use a sum(if()) for this


          =sum( if([Contract Type] = 'Regional', Value))


          or equivalent, but better performing a set expression

          =sum( {<[Contract Type]={Regional}>} Value)


          Just put this expression in a chart object, e.g. a text box.


          Hope this helps,