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    How to show pop up using button/Barchart



                In the sheet i  want show some descriptive information about a chart in two ways


      1) in bar chart i have 4 bars(Small, Medium, Large, XLarge)  if anyone mouseover on any  bar  i want to show some info about how it is catagorized into small,medium...etc


      2) same information i want show using a butoon whenever we mouseover on the button i want  to  show all 4 bars  info as popup.


         How can we do this in Qlik View...






          • How to show pop up using button/Barchart

              Hi swatantra ,thanx for your replay it is some what helpfull also i have modified your example like this


            ='Server Size: ' & Q_CPU1 & chr(13) &

            'Finance Type:' & N_FINCG_TYP1& chr(13)&

            'Total Servers: ' & Num(Count(SERVER), '#,##0') & chr(13) &


            in chart it  displays this Server Size: Small

                                               Finance Type: Leased

                                               Total Servers: 10000



            Actually we have catagorized the server size as below small: Between 0 and 2

                                                                                       Medium: Between 3 and 4......etc


            here i want to show add one more line to the above number of CPU's: 0 to 2 for small,, 3 to 4 Medium....etc

            how can we add this info also........