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    Identify Capital Letters

      Hi Everyone,


      I have surch on the community and with the QlikView Help but I didn't find my answer, maybe you would help me.

      I have a filed with full names, so I'm trying to isolate each one of theim.


      I already tried two solutions that work for most names:

      subfield(Full_Name, ' ',1) for last names or right(Full_Name, len(Full_Name)- FindOneOf(Full_Name, ' ')) for first ones.


      But when an "aristocratice name" comes up...

      For example:

      MISTER Someone => Last Name: MISTER and First Name: Someone

      THE MISTER Someone => Last Name: THE and First Name: MISTER Someone.


      So I'm trying to identify capital letters so I can split First and Last names.


      Any idea?