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    Query logging within Qlikview



      I'm a Netezza DBA researching Qlikview usage.

      We have Qlikview connecting to our Netezza database.

      What I want to know is, if you have a number of users logging onto Qlikview (using their individual Qlikview log ons) to connect to the Netezza database using a single generic database account.. Can the SQL they submit be tracked back to the individual who logged on the the Qlikview server and, breifly how is this done?


      Many thanks for your time,



        • Query logging within Qlikview
          Gary Strader

          Users don't submit SQL in a QlikView environment.  When a QlikView document is reloaded, it uses the "single generic database account" you mention.  Once the document is reloaded, the data is stored locally on disk and in RAM and does not make any more round trips to the database.  User "queries" don't go back to the source database.  It's basically a local caching mechanism.



            • Query logging within Qlikview

              Hi Gary,

              Thanks for taking the time to answer. I understand that for the most part the data is cached. However, with our users, occasionally they need to retrieve more data than that which is retrieved from the Netezza Database system on a daily basis and send ad-hoc collections of additional data to Netezza from Qlikview. It is these additional requests, that are sent using a generic Netezza user id stored on the QlikView server, that we really need to be able to track back to the QlikView user that logged on and submitted the request.

              Currently I am advised that those qlikview users that are logged on can not be tied up to requests from the server to the Netezza database for these additional data requests. This causes us a headache for Auditing.

              Qlikview is failry new to our company, and I was hoping that perhaps there is a way that our relatively inexperienced administrators do not yet know about to tie this up?


              Many thanks