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    Why the Sum in Chart property Presentation is not correct?

      I have a chart in Qlikview and want to show the total of the variable.   


      # of project has an expression: Textcount({<Budget ={'In Budget'}, FTE ={'>0'}>}).  Because I only want to count the number of project when the FTE is > 0.  I got the correct number for each group.  Then I want to show the total # of project.  In Presentation, I checked Show Partial Sums.  However, the total is not correct.  If I delete this condition, I got the correct total but the # in each group is not correct. 


      In the following example, total shoudl be 181 not 178.  But Qlikview gives 178 as total.


      Can anyone help me with it?


      Thank you very much.





      Total                   178

      Group A               17

      Group B               48

      Group C                13

      Group D                42

      Group E                60

      Group F                1