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    Passing Fields to Sub Issue (Like qvc project)

    Mark McCoid



      I recently downloaded Rob Wunderlich's QVC package and it inspired me to create a sub routine for a project I was working on.


      I created a routine that would accept a tablename, field names and a couple of other parameters so that I could automate the loading of external tables.


      All works great until if I pass fields (stored in a variable) like "@1 as Feed2_Name, @2 as Feed2_Zipcode", but when I try to pass a variable that has the following



      @1 as FEED2_NAME,
      IF(Index(@2,'-')>0,mid(@6,1,index(@2,'-')-1), @2) as FEED2_ZIPCODE, 
      IF(Index(@2,'-')>0,mid(@6,index(@2,'-')+1,4)) as FEED2_ZIP4


      I get problems because of the single quotes.  They come over as not double quotes, but two single quotes where there use to be one.




      Again, this is coming from a variable "vFeed2_Fields".


      Any ideas on how I need to structure the information in the variable so this doesn't happen?




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          Mark McCoid

          Here is what I ended up doing to get this to work.  It feels clunky, but it works:


          In the macro that is creating the field list, I use ! instead of single quotes, then AFTER I pass the fields over to routine that is building the table I do a replace:



          Let _fieldsFinal = Replace('$(_fields)', '!', chr(39)); 
          //Build table from passed values
                    FROM $(_fileName)
                    (txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is '$(_delimiter)', header is $(headerLines) lines, msq);


          If anyone has a better way, please let me know.