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    Incremental reload and store into QVD file

    Henco van Ee

      Hi all,


      To find out how incremental reload and storing into a QVD file works, I made an example document (find it attached).

      It works fine, but the exact way it works is unclear to me. Maybe one of you can help me out.


      Lets assume that there is a lot data in the database I would like to load. Because of that, I would like to load the data once. After that, only new rows will be inserted into the QVD file. But, ss this the way my example works? It seems to me, that all the data will be load during a reload of the document, and not only new rows will be inserted but a whole new load will be stored into the QVD. Is that right? If so, how can I make it work so that only new rows will be inserted?


      I hope someone can explain the me.


      Kind regards,