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    Multiple expession lines find and replace



      I have been trying to find a way to replace multiple lines in a group of expressions with a different set of multiple lines via expression overview.  This is due to having an expression used in approximately 400 charts that needs changing.  The expression is around 50 lines long.  It is just one block I need to change although changing the whole expression would not be a problem. 


      In the edit expression screen if I select a group of lines then take the find/replace option the block of lines is searched for and if you hover over the find box it shows the lines to be searched for.  This would infer that there is a way to enter multiple lines in the prompt.


      I cannot work out how to replace with a different set of lines.


      When copy and paste is used to populate the find with multiple lines it does not seem to work and the “select then take the find/replace option” is not available in expression overview for find side and as above I cannot work out how to replace with multiple lines.


      Am I missing something obvious about how to enter multiple lines in the find and replace boxes.


      An example of what I need to do would be great or any other work around for a mass update of an expression welcome. 








      Replace with






      Hope this makes sense!






      QlikView - Version 10 SR1.