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    Creating Bi Weekly in Master Calendar

      Been trying to work this out, but I must be missing something. I'd like to add in bi-weekly increments (e.g. every two weeks instead of weekly). What's the best way of going about this?


      My master calendar looks like the following:




        TempDate AS CalendarDate,

        Day(TempDate) AS CalendarDay,

        Week(TempDate) AS CalendarWeek,

        Weekday(TempDate) AS WeekDay,

        Month(TempDate) AS CalendarMonth,

        Year(TempDate) AS CalendarYear,

        'Q' & Ceil(Month(TempDate)/3) AS CalendarQuarter,

        Month(TempDate) & '-' & Year(TempDate) AS CalendarMonthAndYear,

        Week (TempDate) & '-'& Year (TempDate) as CalendarWeekAndYear,

        Year2Date(TempDate, 0, 1, $(vToday))*-1 AS CurYTDFlag,

        Year2Date(TempDate,-1, 1, $(vToday))*-1 AS LastYTDFlag,

        WeekStart(TempDate, 0, -1) AS CalendarWeekStart,

        num(TempDate) AS DayNum