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    Document Extension to remove grey toolbar in QVS

    Brian Munz

      I've gotten several requests for a way to remove the grey toolbar which shows up when viewing QVWs on QVS.

      I've attached here an extremely simple document extension which gets the job done.

      Just figured I'd post it here in case it can help someone.


        • Document Extension to remove grey toolbar in QVS
          Gary Strader

          For removing the AJAX toolbar?

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            does this perhaps not work on 11 SR2? I installed the extension, add it in the settings and press OK but when I immediately show to the extensions again this one isn't shown on the right hand but on the left hand as if I never selected it...




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                Alexander Karlsson

                It should work - ran a similar extension (the exact same code base with some additions) yesterday on 11SR2 and it worked fine.

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                    Andrew Cusack

                    The extension did not work for me (QV11 SR2).


                    I copied the C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QlikViewClients\QlikViewAjax\opendoc.htm file and called it OpenDocNoToolbar.htm.


                    I then replaced the HTML with the following...


                    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">

                    <html xmlns:zfp="http://www.qliktech.com/zfp" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">



                        <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" />

                        <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />

                        <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/QvAjaxZfc/htc/Images/favicon.ico" />

                        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="/QvAjaxZfc/htc/default.css" />

                        <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/QvAjaxZfc/htc/Images/Touch/touch-icon.png" />

                        <link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="72x72" href="/QvAjaxZfc/htc/Images/Touch/touch-icon_72x72.png" />

                        <link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="114x114" href="/QvAjaxZfc/htc/Images/Touch/touch-icon_114x114.png" />

                              <script type="text/javascript" src="/QvAjaxZfc/htc/QvAjax.js"></script>




                              <body class="QvPageBody" avq="background:.SheetBackground" onresize="Qva.ResizeBody()">

                                                                                          <li class="cf">



                                                                                <span class="cell-icon cell-CLOSE-icon"></span>

                                                                                <span class="ctx-menu-text">Close</span>






                                                  <div id="InitialLoader">

                                                            <img alt="" src="/QvAjaxZfc/htc/Images/Working.gif"/>

                                                            <span class="ctx-menu-text">Loading...</span>



                                        <div id="PageContainer">

                                                  <div id="MainContainer"></div>


                                        <img alt="" id="WorkingGif" src="/QvAjaxZfc/htc/Images/Working.gif" style="display:none;"/>

                                        <script type="text/javascript">

                                                  var qva;

                                                  function Init() {

                                                            var doc = Qva.ExtractProperty("document", null);

                                                            var re = new RegExp("^(//[^:/]+(?::\\d+)?/)?([^#]+)");

                                                            var segm = re.exec(doc);

                                                            doc = segm && segm[2];

                                                            var invite = Qva.ExtractProperty("invite", null);

                                                            if(invite) doc = "";



                                                            if(doc != null) {

                                                                      qva = new Qva.PageBinding();

                                                                      qva.View = doc;

                                                                      qva.Autoview = "";

                                                                      qva.ShowDocumentTitle = true;

                                                                      qva.AuthenticateUrl = '/QvAjaxZfc/Authenticate.aspx';


                                                                      new Qva.Modal();

                                                                      new Qva.Scanner(qva);


                                                                      qva.AutoViewAppend (null, qva.DefaultScope, 'servercontrol');

                                                                      new Qva.Collaboration(qva, document.getElementById("MainContainer"));

                                                                      Qva.DragDrop.DropDefault = {

                                                                                'Inside': function(pos, type) {

                                                                                          if (type == 'Field' || type == 'Dimension' || type == 'ObjectType') {                           

                                                                                                    return { 'Element': 'Document.ActiveSheet' };

                                                                                          } else if (type == 'Object') {                           

                                                                                                    return { 'Element': 'Document.ActiveSheet', 'Dialog': 'Drop.qvpp' };

                                                                                          } else {

                                                                                                    return null;




                                                                      new Qva.Extensions(qva);




                                                                                'Name': qva.DefaultScope + ".Modal",

                                                                                'Paint': function (mode, node) {

                                                                                          var width = parseInt(node.getAttribute('width'));

                                                                                          var height = parseInt(node.getAttribute('height'));

                                                                                          var name = node.getAttribute('value');

                                                                                          var url = Qva.Remote + '?public=only&name=' + escape(name) + '.htm';

                                                                                          var params = node.getElementsByTagName("param");

                                                                                          for(var i = 0; i < params.length; ++i) {

                                                                                                    var key = params[i].getAttribute("key");

                                                                                                    var value = params[i].getAttribute("value");

                                                                                                    url += "&" + escape(key) + "=" + escape(value);


                                                                                          Qva.Modal.instance.Show(qva, url, width, height, true, "QvModal_SessionCollaboration");





                                                                      qva._Send("add", "Document.ActiveSheet", false);

                                                            } else {

                                                                      alert("No Document");


                                                            Qva.SetContextMenu (document, function(event) { return qva.OnContextMenu(event); });



                                                  function CloseSession() {

                                                            document.body.style.background = "";

                                                            $('#MainContainer, #Tabrow, #QvAjaxToolbar > ul:last').html("");

                                                            $('body > script').nextAll().remove();


                                                            qva.Enabled = false;


                                                            qva.Ready = function () {};

                                                            qva.OnContextMenu = function () {};



                                                            var $closebtn = $('#Close');

                                                            if ($closebtn.length) {

                                                                      $closebtn.find('.ctx-menu-text').text($closebtn[0].RestoreText || "Restore").end().show()[0].href = 'javascript:RestoreSession()';



                                                  function RestoreSession() {

                                                            window.location = window.location;


                                                  function Assert(exp, message) {

                                                            if (!exp) {

                                                                      if(message) { alert(message); }



                                                            return exp;



                                                  if (typeof(Qva.Mgr) === "undefined") {


                                                  } else { Init(); }





                    Then for the Document/s you want to remove the tool bar add the URL as below -



                    When you access the document through the client browser you should see the OpenDocNoToolbar.htm is in the URL.


                    By doing this it removed the Tool Bar and Close button.


                    I also wanted my Document to automatically scroll through each sheet every minute, as the Document was to be shown on a TV screen in the office.   You can do this using the Show Sheet Conditional on the Sheet Properties. 




                    Create a variable called vShow and then use an expression to give the variable a value.   For instance, my document has 5 sheets and I wanted to show each sheet for 1 minute, so my expression looked like this...




                    =if(right(time( now(),'m'),1)=1 or right(time( now(),'m'),1)=6  ,1,

                    if(right(time( now(),'m'),1)=2 or right(time( now(),'m'),1)=7  ,2,

                    if(right(time( now(),'m'),1)=3 or right(time( now(),'m'),1)=8  ,3,

                    if(right(time( now(),'m'),1)=4 or right(time( now(),'m'),1)=9  ,4,

                    if(right(time( now(),'m'),1)=0 or right(time( now(),'m'),1)=5  ,5)))))


                    So my vShow value would either be 1,2,3,4 or 5 depending on the current minute.   You can use any expresion that suits the number of sheets you have and the frequency you want to show them.


                    For each sheet then update the Conditional value i.e. Sheet 1 would be vShow=1, sheet 2 vShow=2 etc


                    Now everyminute the sheet should change automatically.   If you need to make changes to sheets just change the vShow expression to the sheet number you want to see - this saves you having to wait for the document to go through all the sheets.


                    For me the browser didn't automatically scroll through each sheet, so I installed Easy Auto Refresh for Chrome which lets you specify how many seconds between each browser refresh.   Now I can run the browser in full-screen mode, sit back and watch it scroll through each sheet every minute.

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                  Carlos Duque

                  Hi All,


                  Any ideas how to remove it from the Ipad or Iphone Qlikview App not just the web browser?

                  • Re: Document Extension to remove grey toolbar in QVS

                    This has worked great so far at my client. Unfortunately not all the toolbar is removed now I've upgraded to 11.2 SR4.

                    Has anyone been facing this since upgrade?
                    Does anyone know how to modify the htm file to get this working again?


                    Thanks a lot!

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                      Hey guys


                      Does anyone have the equivalent of an idiots guide for usage of the nobar.qar addon?


                      I am not exactly sure how you go about using addons.