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    Scatter chart: Define a custom color, in according with a value of field.

      Hi everyone,

      I have a scatter chart and i need a diferente and custom color for each value of field. In another words:


      I have this on my script


      LOAD * INLINE [

          R,V,B, Firmware

          101,100,121, +31J2

          210,220,200, +31J8

          30,230,200, 5.80C

          40,40,100, 5.81C

          50,50,200, 5.83C

          60,60,100, 5.83Z

          100,100,200, 5.87C

          100,100,200, 5.92C

          100,100,200, 5.92T  

          100,100,200, 5.96E



      Firmware is a "foreign key".


      And this configuration for Dimension.

      QlikView x64 Personal Edition - [CUsersGiulianoDocumentsQlikViewTransfrio_2012-04-12_15-46-04.png

      The chart show diferent colors by firmware, but is not the colors defined in the script.


      Can anybody help me with this situation?