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    Pivot table label background colour



      Im trying to keep the label background colour to white on my expression on a pivot table.


      Im using the following code to set the colour (in the expression) of the cells but this also changes the colour of the label too.



      if(((column(3)- column(4))<= -0.10),rgb(199,255,193),

      if(((column(3)- column(4))> -0.10 and (column(3)- column(4))<=0),rgb(0,127,0),

      if(((column(3)- column(4))>0 and (column(3)- column(4))<=0.049),rgb(215,180,40),

      if((column(3)- column(4))>=0.05,rgb(255,0,0)




      I dont this i can use visual cubes as this will only set 3 colours.