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    Qlikview sessions time out on our users

    David Fields



      Please help us resolve this problematic issue.   Our Qlikview sessions are timing out in under an hour, though our server settings are set much higher (at least we believe we did it correctly).   We are on Qv 11 SR1 and all seems like all is working fine.   We are not using IIS, we are using Qlikview's web server.   Users use the Ajax client to connect to the server and view documents.  


      When the sessions time out, users lose their selections which causes problems in longer meetings where the QV document is only referred to intermittently. 


      We've set the following in QVS:  System -> Setup->Qlikview Servers->Performance

      • Maximum Number of Concurrent Sessions: 5000
      • Maximum Inactive Session Time: seconds:  10800 seconds
      • Possible Session Timeout: seconds 10800 seconds
      • Maximum Total Session Time:  (blank)seconds


      We've set the following in QVS on the Document in question:   Documents -> User Document -> select the document - >  Performance

      • Maximum Number of Concurrent Sessions: (blank)
      • Maximum Inactive Session Time:  14400 seconds
      • Document Timeout:  240 minutes


      Can anyone recommend a setting where we might have overlooked something?   


      Thank You,


      David Fields