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    apply license to Active Directory group?

      We are rolling out QV11 to a field sales force, who are disconnected most of the time.  We are sending the QV desktop and a QVW through device management, which also silently connects to the server to lease a license.  This is because it is a requirement that they are able to open QlikView correctly the first time, regardless of whether they are connected.


      To do this, we assign CALs to the usernames on the server side before the client is pushed out.  Assigning them to an Active Directory group does not work; we have to list the individual IDs.  This will become a maintenance problem as we intend to eventually roll out to thousands of users.  Is there a way to do this that allows us to use an AD group, or any other way to automate assigning the licenses on the server side?  Or an enhancement for this coming?