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    Pivot Chart

      Hello, I am trying to do something in Qlikview that does not come native to it. I am trying to build a table with a header of summary data that when expanded shows detail data.


      The information is first and foremost by hour in a day. I have summary call information for each hour, for example: Total Calls


      As a child to the hour in a day we have employes (agents in my world) . The same summary data is available at the employee level.


      It does not matter if employee or hour is parent, in this equation, I just personally like hour.


      Below employee is notes. Notes are related to employee and hour, but there is no valid relationship between a note and the summary data.


      So the idea would be a row per hour with the summary data and an expansion. Once expanded there would be a row for each employee with the same summary data and another expansion. The last expansion would show the note text one note per line.




      Any ideas on how to present this information in this way would be great.





      James Bromley