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    Document's remaining in the task List

    Paul McCormick



      I have a number of documents within the task list which I had deleted.  Upon reading other posts I have recreated these documents in the same directory that they were previously, with exactly the same name.  The only difference I can spot is the category.  On the one within the task list (I am selecting the 'Edit this task' beside the Run and stop options) the category is blank, and is populated within the document tab it has a value.


      when I try to remove this category it defaults to "Default" and will not allow it to remain blank.  When I try to add a category within the task list I get the following error message: 'Failed to set document meta data'.  I can kick off a successful reload of this document from the task list so the document does exist, but it will not go away when I disable it!!!!


      Any help is much appreciated.  We are using QlikView 10SR4.We do not have publisher.