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    Document CAL restrictions

      Dear fellow Qlikies,


      I have a questions related to Document CAL restrictions.

      In the document Pricing& License Guide QV 11.pdf there is a section about this topic.


      Have some of you more information about these restrictions? Especially with regards to the sentence"additional tables are unconnected and contain only few records or a single column." How many records is that? For example if I have some islands in the data model for translations tables. If I have several hundred items to translate in 4 languages (each language would be an additional column and each item would a line) would a document CAL work with the model?


      Thank you for your inputs.



      15.3 Document CAL Restrictions

      The purpose of the Document CAL is to provide amechanism by which licensees can license the use of a single document. Toprevent the combination of many data models in a single document, there are restrictions in the documents that can be used with the Document CAL. However,the Named User CAL, the Session CAL, and the Usage CAL can be used to open any functional QlikView document. The Document CAL can only be used with documents that have a single contiguous data model and do not contain any chasm traps between tables.

      Most common data models used in QlikView documents can be used for Document CALs. For instance, proper star schemas and snowflake schemas typically have the field with the highest cardinality in the fact tableand the keys in dimensional tables have a lower cardinality. For snowflake schemas, the cardinality decreases further when moving away from the fact table. Documents containing such models typically fulfill the above demands and are well-suited for Document CALs.

      Documents with multiple logical islands are normally not allowed. Multiple logical islands are only allowed, if the additional tables are unconnected and contain only few records or a single column.

      In addition, the document may not contain any loosely coupled tables.

      Finally, the cardinality (that is, the number of distinct values) of the key fields must decrease when moving away from the fact table.

        • Document CAL restrictions
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Robert,


          I have not seen the exact number of rows a logical island can have, but I do have seen documents where in the QMC, User Documents tab, a red message appears showing that because of Document CAL restrictions you cannot assign them to it, so the document will be reloaded and distributed fine, but will only be available to those users with Named User CALs.


          How many rows has your main fact table? If it has millions, my guess is that those few hundred will work fine. But anyway I wouldn't say whether that is or is not going to work, but I rather contact your QlikView sales rep or partner manager prior to developing or deploying to make sure your document will work fine with doc CALs.


          Hope that helps.