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    Failed to load extension - detailed information



      In this discussion http://community.qlik.com/message/217664#217664 we reported a recurring message "Falied to load extension" in both the QlikView Server event log file and Windows Event log.


      We have been made aware of a bug fix that will be part of the next service release (date unknown).


      Anyway, should the error message be legitimate, where can we find more details to


      a) understand which report is attempting to load an extension?

      b) which extension is being called?


      Thank you

      Fabrizio Audisio

        • Failed to load extension - detailed information

          I am also experiencing this error with a prospect where i did a SiB. I am pretty sure that i did not use an extension in my .qvw...


          What are the consequences of this error? Will the .qvw not be able to automaticly reload?

            • Failed to load extension - detailed information



              No, that doesn't prevent the report to be loaded... it is just an annoying false error.

              If you check the other discussion http://community.qlik.com/message/225940#225940 you can see that the problem has been solved with patch 11291.


              Still, in those cases where a report really fails to load an extension, it would be interesting if the logs show both doc and expension names.




                • Failed to load extension - detailed information

                  Yes i agree. For a SiB with 2 .qvw's it is not so much of a problem. But when you have a deployment with many .qvw's it is annoying to find out in which of the dashboards the extension is used in.

                    • Failed to load extension - detailed information
                      Karl Humma

                      A patch has been created to fix this issue please contact support it is is patch 11291.  Here is a list of other issues it resolves:

                      Bug 46467: AJAX: actions don't work in text boxes when accessing the qvw from an iPad

                      Bug 46817: QV11 SR1 chart error on Extensions: Failed to load extension. Make sure it is available at the correct location

                      Bug 45376: Web Parts - Green Colour - CSS creating Automatically

                      Bug 46050: Conditional Expression are slower as same Expression with if statement



                      Accumulated bugs fixed since 11.00 build 11282 (SR1 - Update 1)

                      Task 44841: Implement hooks to display QVW-file in QMC

                      Bug 46699: Publisher -  Task set up to trigger on Multiple Events Completed does not work

                      Bug 42972: QV Destop: Errormsg 'There was a problem sending the command to the program.'  when opening QV doc without license.

                      Bug 45425: OEM Embedded License not working (OBS! This is not OEM Island)

                      Bug 46971: Exporting excel as numbers does not work fully