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    CASE statement in QlikView



      I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me.  I want to create the following Case statement in QlikView:


      CASE WHEN [Account Name] IN ('Hong Kong') THEN 'HK'

      WHEN [Account Name] IN ('USA') THEN 'NY'

      WHEN [Account Name] IN ('UK') THEN 'LDN'

      ELSE 'OTHER'



      Is this possible to do within QlikView?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks.



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          if(wildmatch([Account Name],'*Hong Kong*', 'HK',

          if(wildmatch([Account Name],'*USA*', 'NY',

          if(wildmatch([Account Name],'*UK*','LDN',




          Wildmatch works if you need any string with the resulting '*string*' in it. If you are looking for exact match then just match(field,'String') will work too

            • CASE statement in QlikView

              That worked! Thank you!

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                Mark,can u please help me with the below case statement .


                CASE WHEN ITEM_ID LIKE '%CB%' THEN SUBSTR(ACCOUNT_NO,4,10)            

                         WHEN ITEM_ID LIKE 'D%'   THEN SUBSTR(ACCOUNT_NO,5,8)

                ELSE ACCOUNT_NO END AS InSite_Acct,



                I am trying like this below.It is giving me error.Can anybody tell me what am I doing wrong here?


                if(WildMatch([ITEM ID],'*CB*',mid([Account Number],4,10)

                if(WildMatch([ITEM ID],'*D*',mid([Account Number],5,8),([Account Number])) as INsite_Acct,

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                  Joshua Russin

                  I am trying to do this, but trying to use some of the same values for different cases.




                  =if(WildMatch(SaTy_OTIF,'2MEM','2MMO','NB2','ZBPU','ZD2S','ZKR'),'Internal / Warehouse to Warehouse',





                  This only shows the first 3 and not the "total" statement.

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                  when saleschannel='Online' and (userid is null  or userid not like '%RB:MOBILE%')  then 'ONLINE WEB SALES'

                  when saleschannel=online and userid like '%RB:MOBILE%' then 'MOBILE'

                  when userid like '%RB:MOBILE%'  and userid not in ('RB:MOBILEWINDOWASAPP','RB:MOBILEADRIODAPP')  then 'WAP SALES'

                  when userid like '%RB:MOBILE%'  and userid in ('RB:MOBILEWINDOWASAPP','RB:MOBILEADRIODAPP')  then  'APP SALES'

                  when saleschannel='corporate' and bookingsource='corporate' then 'offline agents'

                  when saleschannel='Corporate' and bookingsource='webdirect' then 'other offline agents'

                  end as channel



                  can you help out with this Query ..i am facing problem  in writing (in function)  and not like

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                      Hi All,


                      I've been also struggling to convert this piece of code to Qlikview,

                      Could I please get assistance:



                        when MAC_CODE = 963 then ''SNL''

                        Else ''MLOAN''

                      END as PRODUCT_CODE



                           when REGISTRATION_MONTH_CODE = ''NOTREG''

                             then ''N''


                                  CASE when ( year(INFORMATION_DATE)*100 + month(INFORMATION_DATE) )

                                            else ''N''

                                  END as  REG_LAST_3MONTHS_IND



                                when FINAL_ML_AMT <= 50000   then  ''A''

                                when FINAL_ML_AMT <= 100000  then  ''B''

                                when FINAL_ML_AMT <= 150000  then  ''C''

                                when FINAL_ML_AMT <= 350000  then  ''D''

                                when FINAL_ML_AMT <= 700000  then  ''E''

                                else ''F''

                                END as MLOANS_BANDS_CODE

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                      =if(wildmatch([Account Name],'*Hong Kong*'), 'HK', if(wildmatch([Account Name],'*USA*'), 'NY', if(wildmatch([Account Name],'*UK*'),'LDN', 'OTHER')))