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    Change the position of "cyclic" icon in a chart

      Hi All,


      I have seen the same question being asked a few time before by others but couldn't find any authentic answer to this.


      My requirement is to re-position the cyclic icon (that i presently appearing at the bottom corners of the charts) to the top of the charts.

      I am working with QV 11 ..Cntrl+Shift will not work, cyclic icon will not be shown as a 'movable' sub-unit inside the charts.


      Experienced hands please let me know if this is possible or not.




        • Change the position of "cyclic" icon in a chart
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Vishnu,


          That's not possible as far as I know, as it is not possible to change the place of the label of the dimension (it's the same thing, after all). You can either show the label or not, but you cannot move it.


          Hope that helps.



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            Deepak Vadithala

            Hi Vishu,


            If you really need it then you can overlay another copy of same chart and you need to change the properties to reflect only cyclic dimension button. I have tested on my system and it works fine.  You need to change settings by using Ctrl + Shift and other properties including transperancy colours. Finally you can place the button on the original chart (wherever you wanted...) and it works the same way.


            However, must important think to remember is that you need to use same ObjectID for the cyclic button chart. This helps you to maintain consistency in both the objects. So if you change the Dimensions or expressions in the main chart then you have same settings on the cyclic button chart.


            I hope this makes sense.




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              I later found that , when we add an extra cyclic option to a chart ..the second cyclic button can be moved using cntrl+shift and drag using mouse.

              However, the first cyclic button cannot be moved.