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    dashboard look

      Dear qlikview community,


      I'm a student and I've just put together my first dashboard. I'd love some feedback on the look of the dashboard. Is it too crowded? Does it look good?


      The text is in dutch but I'm mostly worried about the design it self.


      Thanks for the feedback given in the past and I hope for some constructive critisism.

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          janardhan reddy

          not bad

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            Sokkorn Cheav



            Well done!!.


            I have three thing to consider:

            1. Screen resolution: I think this one is use hight screen resolution. It better if we use 1024x768.

            2. Use <Symbol> in number tab.

            3. Add grid line to each line chart.


            BTW, you are do a good job already.




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              Or Shoham

              Just a few notes, really - overall, it's pretty good.

              1) There's a lot of dead space, particularly in the Selections area. Is this intentional? It seems like you could use this extra space for an additional listbox or two, instead of using all those Drill Down Group listboxes (which I am not a fan of at all).

              2) It isn't really clear what we're seeing with the green/red traffic lights. I originally thought it was X>100%, but there's one that shows red for a value of 100.63%.

              3) Consider showing red traffic lights for anywhere that needs attention, and no lights anywhere things are going fine and do not need any additional actions. There's no reason to direct attention (with a green light) to things that are fine.


              Oh, and my typical minor nitpicking - many of the objects aren't quite alligned correctly. For example, the two graphs don't start at the same Y pixel, Type Product's right edge isn't aligned with the other listboxes, etc. Also, the text chart appears to be the only object on the screen without a blue border, which looks a little strange.

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                  He Allard,

                  Few more tips:

                  - Remove the titles in the captions from the selection boxes, it's pretty obvious that 2008,2009 etc are years(jaren). The same goes for kwartaal.

                  -Kwartaal and tijdstip should also be one row, just like jaar.

                  - If you don't want to remove the captions than make sure all the title start with a capital or they  should all start         without a capital.

                  - The same goes for the column headers in the table

                  - In the column Totaal verkocht you are using , (komma) as a thousand separator in the columns 2011 and 2012 you are using a . (punt)

                  - In the column 2011/2011 you are using 0 decimals, in the columns maart 2012/2011 and april 2012/2011 you are using 2 decimals.

                  - Maybe it's better to put the totals on the last row instead of the first row.

                  - Be consistent with the language, total should be totaal, current selections should be huidige selecties (of zo iets)

                  - Make sure the column headers and the data of the tables are alligned to the right for numbers and for text alligned to the right.

                  - Look as well to the content of the dashboard, what does it actually say? For instance is it verkopen or aantal verstigingen or is it verkopen divided by the aantal vestigingen or is the average verkopen per vestiging?


                  Hope this helps.

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                  Neil Gulliver


                  Have a look at this blog on dashboards.



                  Steve also has a number of blogs on other aspects of Qlikview and videos on YouTube.