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    Conditional Formatting

      I have a table in Qlikview and I want to conditional format the numbers so that they turn a colour if they are greater than 5% or less than -5% which I have managed to do!

      However I also want the negative percentages to turn red regardless of size?

      How I can combine the three conditions as there are only the boxes for greater than or less than or standard? but all three require rules?



        • Conditional Formatting
          Stefan Wühl

          The visual cues tab is somewhat limited, I suggest that you are using the text / background color attribute expressions for that instead:


          Go to expression tab, open attributes by clicking on the plus sign next to the expression name in the upper left section.


          Then select either text or background color and enter in the definition field something like (where YE has to be replaced by Your Expression, e.g. avg(Margin):


          =if( YE<-0.05, Red(),if( YE < 0,LightRed(), if(Perc >=0.05, Green())))


          Red(), Lightred(), Green() are functions returning predefined color values, you could also use RGB(R,G,B) to define your own.


          Hope this helps,