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    what is workbench?

      Hi all,


      What is QlikView Workbench and why it is used for ?


      Can we export data of the object into different datasource using workbench ?


      I'm new to this workbench concept and please someone can help me on this. If you can please provide any advanced materials on this.


      Thanks in advance

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          Still waiting for someone's help on this post. It's really urgent for me.


          Thanks in advance.

          • what is workbench?
            Sunil Chauhan

            QlikView Workbench is a Microsoft Visual Studio® plug-in that enables content developers to create powerful, web-based QlikView mashups. It is a drag-and-drop web integration toolkit that combines the flexibility of a powerful QlikView application programming interface (API) with the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, Visual Studio integrated development environment.

            QlikView Workbench is a Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in

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                Thanks Sunil,


                It helps me on understanding about workbench.


                I installed workbench and placed my qlikview objects in .net web application. Now one of my object button aslo placed in .net web application, but if i click on the button the actions are not working in web browser.


                How can i overcome this problem ?


                If you can please provide any sample projects of workbench. That will be more easily to learn by viewing it.


                Many thanks in advance.