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    Ignore selection in an expression (Set Analysis)

      I would like to ignore selections (made in a list box) for expressions used in my pivot table.


      I use the following expression in the table:


      Sum({$<[Current Sourcing Stage]={'6DNS'}>} [Ref Cost])


      I would like to ignore user selection of another field called [Top Spend Indicator]


      Can you please confirm which of the below expressions ignores any selection in the field [Top Spend Indicator] :



      1. Sum({$<[Current Sourcing Stage]={'6DNS'}>, [Top Spend Indicator]= > } Ref Cost])




      2. Sum({$<[Current Sourcing Stage]={'6DNS'}>} {<[Top Spend Indicator]= >}[Ref Cost])


      or are they BOTH correct? Any comments on which expression to use if they are both correct.



      Your help is much appreciated!