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    QV 11 SR1 SERVER migration from QV11 IR SERVER

    m m

      Can someone please post step by step process of migrating QV11 IR to QV11 SR1. Do we have to do unistall and then reinstall or can we just do an upgrade.





        • QV 11 SR1 SERVER migration from QV11 IR SERVER
          Nate Hallquist

          You should be able to do an inplace upgrade for this one, no need to unistall.  Before you go through this, make sure that you meet every System Requirement, so check Java versions, .Net versions, and IIS version and what not.  IF you have all your Sys Req's met, it should just be a matter of walking through the install wizard. 


          One note:  You gave us nothing on your deployement, so it is up to you figure out the components needed and what pieces you install.  It should be the same as your initial install ov QV.


          Good luck...