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    Qlikview cost for a project

      Hi all,


      What do you think of the pricing/cost for Qlikview. I am thinking of getting Qlikview for a small project where I will develop a set of dashboard that roughly 15-30 people will need to access. I may need to split the underlying data into subsets (I think 15 subsets) to ensure users only get to see the exact data they should be looking at and not any other data (sort of like user privledges). So essentially the same set of dashboards but with 15 different underlying datasets for roughly 15 different groups of users (totallying 30 users).


      I am concerned a little about the cost and how this increases as more users are introduced.


      Other contenders are Omniscope and Tableau which I think are cheaper but from my experiece Qlikview is more appropriate due to things like set analysis which the other tools do not handle very well.


      Any advice would be much appreciated!





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          Deepak Kurup

          Hi Revlin,


          You can start is small way by buying the small buisness Server.  5 name cal and 10 doc cal to begin with.


          In future you have to just add the doc cals.


          Qlikview is slight higher than Omniscope, tableau and so its ROI.


          Check with  Qlikview Partner if you can get 15 Doc cal and 1 Named cal (this will reduce the cost).



          Best  of Luck