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    Get Bookmark ID by Name


      sorry to need your help again:


      I found the code in the community listing all available bookmarks:


      function bookMarkNames

           bookmarks = ActiveDocument.GetDocBookmarkNames

           for i = 0 to UBound(bookmarks)

               bm = bookmarks(i)



      end function


      I want to write the list of bookmarks in the possible value list of an input field. So actually I have two questions:


      - How can I add the values returned above to the list of possible values in an input field?


      - How do I get the bookmark ID (like BM01) when I know the name of it? (I imagine something like "ActiveDocument.GetBookmarkIDbyName(id)" or something like that...)



      Thank you so much in advance,


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          Ok, I found the solution for the first question, now only the second is left.

          Is there perhaps another function similar to ActiveDocument.GetDocBookmarkNames which gives me the ID? Or is there any way to retrieve just as well the name as the ID of all bookmarks?




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              Mike Chasse

              I have the same basic question.  Is there a way to get the ID of a bookmark if you only have the name?  Alternatively, is a bookmarks collection available via the API that will allow me to loop through each bookmark and allow me to select the bookmarks I want to work with?

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                  The only way that I found is to


                  - export all bookmarks to a file

                  - read the file

                  - compare each read bookmark to the one whose ID i need

                  - save the ID when it fits


                  not too beautiful but it works...

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                      Do you have any sample could on how to efficiently extract the ID for all bookmarks from the exported file?


                      I was able to do the following, but it parses through everything.


                         ActiveDocument.ExportBookmarks "test.qbm"     

                         Set objXMLDoc = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

                         objXMLDoc.async = False


                         set nodes = objXMLDoc.selectNodes("//*") 

                         name_flag = false




                         for i = 0 to nodes.length -1

                            If (nodes(i).nodeName = "Bookmark") Then

                               name_flag = false

                            End if

                            If (nodes(i).nodeName = "Id") Then

                                  ReportID = nodes(i).text

                            End if     

                            If (nodes(i).nodeName = "Name") Then

                               If (name_flag = false) Then

                                     ReportName = nodes(i).text

                                     name_flag = true

                                  End if

                            End if            



                            If (nodes(i).nodeName = "InfoText") Then

                                ReportInfoText = nodes(i).text

                                   set Result = ActiveDocument.DynamicUpdateCommand("DELETE FROM _SR WHERE _SRName='" & ReportName & "'") 'Remove duplicates

                                   set Result = ActiveDocument.DynamicUpdateCommand("INSERT INTO * (_SRName,_SRId,_SRDescription) VALUES (" & ReportName & "," & ReportID & "," & ReportInfoText & ")")      




                            End if  


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                          Hi Nancy,


                          I used this code:


                          function findBookmarkIDs(bmno)


                                    saveFolder           = GetTempPath

                                    OSUser                     = ActiveDocument.Variables("v_OSUser").GetContent.String

                                    saveFile          = "Bookmarks.xml"

                                    savePath          = saveFolder & OSUser & saveFile


                                    ActiveDocument.ExportBookmarks savePath


                                       set oFile = createObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

                                       currentStatus = oFile.FileExists(savePath)


                                        if currentStatus = true then


                                              Set objTextStream = oFile.OpenTextFile(savePath, 1)

                                              linecnt = 0

                                              bmid = ""

                                              bmname = ""

                                              foundid = 0

                                              bmidresult = ""

                                              bmtofind = ActiveDocument.Variables("v_bookmark" & bmno).GetContent.String


                                              While Not objTextStream.AtEndOfStream

                                                           line = objTextStream.ReadLine

                                                           linecnt = linecnt + 1


                                                           if ucase(left(trim(line), 4)) = "<ID>" and mid(trim(line), instr(trim(line), "\")+1, 2) = "BM" then

                                                                  bmid = mid(trim(line), instr(trim(line), "\")+1, 4)

                                                                  idcnt = linecnt

                                                                  foundid = 1

                                                           end if


                                                           if ucase(left(trim(line), 6)) = "<NAME>" and foundid = 1 and linecnt = (idcnt + 1) then

                                                                     bmname = mid(trim(line), 7, instr(ucase(trim(line)), "</NAME>")-7)

                                                                     bmname = replace(replace(replace(bmname, "Ä", "Ä"), "ä", "ä"), "Ö", "Ö")

                                                                     bmname = replace(replace(replace(bmname, "ö", "ö"), "Ãœ", "Ü"), "ü", "ü")

                                                                     bmname = replace(bmname, "ß", "ß")


                                                                     ActiveDocument.Variables("v_bookmarkdebug").setContent bmname, true


                                                                  if bmname = bmtofind then

                                                                            bmidresult = bmid

                                                                  end if


                                                                  foundid = 0

                                                           end if




                                              Set objTextStream = Nothing


                                    end if


                                    set oFile = Nothing


                                    'ActiveDocument.Variables("v_bookmark" & bmno & "id").setContent bmidresult, true

                                    msgbox bmidresult


                          end function

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                            Rajesh Vaswani

                            Hi Martin,


                            Is there a way of doing this without an export?



                            Rajesh Vaswani

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                        Richard Pearce

                        This is my code to read Bookmark ID's, names, and store them into input fields


                        ' This code saves the document bookmarks as a text file
                        ' For the code to work Allow System Access must be selected in the VBA editor
                        ' Macro override security must be checked in document properties
                        ' Users on Access Point must select correct macro security level Ctrl + Shift + M

                        ' ---------- This table is required in the script ---------------------
                        ' Bookmarks:
                        ' Load
                        '  RowNo() as BOOKMARK.Index
                        '  ,0 as BOOKMARK.ID
                        '  ,0 as BOOKMARK.NAME
                        ' AutoGenerate 10; // <<< This is the max number of bookmarks the code can handle
                        ' ----------------------------------------------------------------------

                        ' Get the user NTName for the user (storred in a variable)
                        SET var_NTName = ActiveDocument.Variables("var_NTName")

                        ' Replace the \ as this won't work in the file path
                        var_NTName = replace(var_NTName.Getcontent.string,"\","")

                        ' This is the file name for the bookmark export, the NT name is added to stop any file saving clashes and so you don't pick up other peoples private bookmarks
                        vFileName = "\\FilePath\Bookmark_Export" & var_NTName & ".txt"

                        ' Export Booksmarks as Text file
                        ActiveDocument.ExportBookmarks vFileName

                        ' --------------------------------------------------- Reset the Input Fields Values --------------------------------------------------------------
                        dim x(1)
                        x(0) = 0 ' element to reset

                        set fld = ActiveDocument.Fields("BOOKMARK.ID")
                        fld.ResetInputFieldValues 0, x ' 0 = All values reset, 1 = Reset Possible value, 2 = Reset single value

                        set fld = ActiveDocument.Fields("BOOKMARK.NAME")
                        fld.ResetInputFieldValues 0, x ' 0 = All values reset, 1 = Reset Possible value, 2 = Reset single value

                        ' --------------------------------------------------- This section reads the txt document ---------------------------------------------------------
                        '<filename>, IOMode (1=Read,2=write,8=Append)
                        Set objFileToRead = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").OpenTextFile(vFileName,1)

                        ' This variable will control the row number for the inputfields. Set to -1 as will be increased to zero before the first store
                        vBookmarkNumber = -1

                        ' These are the input fields to be updated, the table needs an index field (rowno()) and autogenerated with enough lines
                        ' to handle the max number of bookmarks
                        set vFieldID  = ActiveDocument.Fields("BOOKMARK.ID")
                        set vFieldName  = ActiveDocument.Fields("BOOKMARK.NAME")

                        ' This loop reads each line of the txt file
                        Dim strLine
                        do while not objFileToRead.AtEndOfStream
                              strLine = objFileToRead.ReadLine()
                              ' First Trim the line to remove any leading or trailing spaces
                              strLine = trim(strLine)
                           if vBookMarkFound = 1 then
                               if ucase(left(strLine,4)) = "<ID>" Then
                            ' Set the input field removing the <ID> tags
                                vFieldID.SetInputFieldValue vBookmarkNumber, mid(strLine,5,len(strLine)-9)
                               Elseif ucase(left(strLine,6)) = "<NAME>" Then
                                ' Set the input field removing the <NAME> tags
                                vBookMarkFound = 0
                                vFieldName.SetInputFieldValue vBookmarkNumber, mid(strLine,7,len(strLine)-13)
                               END IF

                               ' <ID> tag is repeated through the file so need to ensure its immediately past the <BOOKMARK> flag
                               if ucase(left(strLine,10)) = "<BOOKMARK>" Then
                                vBookMarkFound = 1
                                vBookmarkNumber = vBookmarkNumber + 1
                                vBookMarkFound = 0
                               END IF
                              end if 

                        Set objFileToRead = Nothing