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    Help needed to get accumulation for a derived percentage

    Matthew Green



      attached is a chart that i'm attempting to turn into an accumulation. The issue is that the expression is sum(a)/sum(b), and has a dimension of months, so what happens is if I turn on the auto accumulation, the percentage goes up to the 300-400% regions, which is wrong.. If I instead try to hard code it to look at the month and then sum the numerator and denominator and then divide, it just spits out the individual calculation..


      What i'm after is if July has a numerator of 50 and denominator of 100, then the value for July will be 50%.

      If August has a numerator of 75, and a denominator of 100, then the value of August should be 62.5% (125/200)

      And so on..


      Can someone take a look and help me out please..