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    Modeling one to many relationships

      Hi, I am new to Qlikview and am trying to model survey results data. the problem is several of my questions have multiple answers and so do not fit into the paradigm demonstrated in the 'How people use firefox app' demo app. I want to be able to show characteristics amongst respondents based on answers provided for various questions in the survey. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Johannes Sunden



          Do you have a little sample app to attach to this question? Would make replying a lot easier

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              I have a similar problem, with data stored in separate Excel files.


              Questions and response options are along the lines shown below


              Question: Where do you think pollution levels will be in 1 year for the following regions: a) Europe, b) US, c) SE Asia, d) LATAM ?

              Response options:

              i) Significantly higher

              ii) Moderately higher

              iii) About the same

              iv) Moderately lower

              v) Significantly lower


              I get % response rates for each option, e.g. as below:Survey pic.jpg


              If anyone has any experience using QlikView to visualise series of survey questions as above, with historical look back, I would be very greatful for any insight.