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    Metascanner.qvw : troubles and explanations



      I am currently trying to use metascanner.qvw which is available on this website.


      Firstly I need to understand a step in the script which is curious for me :


        script extract.JPG

      When I execute only with the first load then table Filelist is not created.

      And when I execute only with the second load,  the table Filelist is created but only with field FileName.


      My first question is how the first load can use things coming from the second load ?!?


      Besides I have file names like for example : [DR] Direction Reglementaire.qvw... the script fail in error because of special characters [  ],  but the field is already double quoted.


      My second question is  how should I modify the script in order to pass file names with special characters ? Please note that I cannot rename all my applications.


      Many thanks in advance for your help,