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    Need help with Straight table



      I have the data as attached with fields as Store,MM,Month, Sales & Year. I have defined 2 variables as vMaxYear=max(Year) and vMaxMonth=max(Month_no).

      I have seperately loaded an inline table linking the month corresponding to month_numbers.


      Now, I use the following expression to show the monthly data in a straight table where I took store as a dimension.




      The straight table doesn't fetch any result, after I selected a MM,Year, Month from my list boxes


      Now, when I change this expression to =Sum({$<Year={'2012'},Month_no={'2'}>}Sales) in a text object, I can see the result.


      Please help me understand, where am I going wrong.


      I would also need to calculate YTD in this case, in the same straight table


      Thanks In Advance,