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    Using an ID as Sort Expression on Pivot Table

    Armin Heinzelmann



      I created our Manufacturing Report on Qlikview 10 SR1 a few days ago and have the following problem:


      As there are lots of KPIs (+/- 80) which should be sorted by a predefined order. I created an additional column with an ID per KPI therefore. E.g.:


      A1002Set up Avg Timex
      A1004Total Wastex
      A1001Speed in Run Timex
      A1003Run Timex
      A1025Budgeted working hoursx
      A1023Run Timex
      A1021Speed in Run Timex
      A1026Set up (tool exchange)x


      Simplified I want to show just the KPI-Desc and the Value per Company which works fine. But unfortunatelly the correct order does not work, if I set the KPI-ID as Sort Expression for the KPI-Desc (neither if I use e.g. "avg(KPI-ID)" or sum,min,max... etc.). It works if I add the KPI-ID as additional column in the table, but that is not my target. I don't want to see the ID in the report.


      Can anybody help?