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    Show all calculated dimension values QV11SR1

      I have an issue where I cannot get the following expression to always display all possible values in my bar chart, regardless of selection:


              -[Status Update Date]
          [Opportunity ID]


      Essentially, I need to see each possible status, always.  Therefore, if a particular selection (A) means that 4 out of 5 status have no relevant data or cause the expressions to become zero, then a zero or null value will show.  Ideally, if selection (A) is made, all 5 statuses will still show in the dimension.


      I have tried:

      - putting "{1}" and/or "TOTAL" in the expression (gives the wrong results, like a single null value),

      - calculating the expression in a variable preceeded with "=" (causes Allocated Memory Exceeded error in object)

      - every possible combination of "Show All Values" on the dimension, "Suppress Missing", and "Suppress Zero"


      Thoughts?  Ideas?  Thank you for your help.