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    Waterfall bar offset graph problem

      Dear QV Community


      Ia have a problem with a Waterfall Bar graph, the graph has a Dimention (Hierarchical Group (GJ_Concepto) consists of 3 dimensions, "parent level, child level and at sub child level"), has the following expression "Sum({<Base={1},[Bandera concepto]={'SI'}>} [Costo servir])" in th order dimension are =Max(OrdenPresentacion) Ascendig.


      The field OrdenPresentacion is number and is related to the last level of the hierarchical group (GJ_Concepto) the bar offset expression is

      "rangesum (above(Sum({<Base={1},[Bandera concepto]={'SI'}>} [Costo servir]),-1,rowno()-1))"


      This is the result




      And this is the desired result



      I made this graph write expresion by expression and without dimention