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    set analysis within dollar bracket expansion? possible?!

      Hi all,


      Has anyone had any luck using set anlysis within a dollar bracket expansion?  I believe my syntax is correct but it just does not seem to work.


      To get the current month I have to use a flag where currentmonth = Y.  I want to compute the figures before the current month selected.  i did not design the complete dashboard and this is the only flag which signifies what the current month is.


      Therefore my expression is as follows:


      sum({<DateList={"<=$(=only({<InCurrentYear = {'Y'}>}DateList))"}>}[Amount YTD])/AmtValue


      Does anyone see an issue with the syntax?  I have tested out the only({<InCurrentYear = {'Y'}>}DateList) on a text box and it works fine so this shouldnt be the issue.  Does QV allow set analysis within set analysis?


      Appreciate any comments