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    Filter and sort in pivot table



      Please see the attached sample file.


      I'm desperately trying to achieve the following:


      • Filter the list of Partners/Clients by Total Share based on the input table on the right (see Min Share and Max Share) but I don't want the Total Share value to change. For example, at the moment when I manage to get down to the 37095/JDM combination I get Total Share of 100% rather than 0.73% - it looks like the Total Sales History is not correct here (this should always show the total Sales for the Client regardless of the Partner). Just to be clearer, if I select Min Share 70% and Max Share 100% I'd like to see the below:
      PartnerClientOpportunity ValueTotal Sales with PartnerTotal Sales HistoryTotal Share
      5849DQATP OFYXUDVUOL ZRGRKXWMNKV / Hibyras$31.485,00$749,65$749,65100,00%
      52747JDM XHZUGEAS  LYY / Gvqlcxk$5.048,00$3.805,71$5.281,1372,06%
      172640BJNIT PWG / Kfqsrxr$13.188,00$2.163,48$2.163,48100,00%


      • The Sort by variable that I'm using to change the sorting of the table seems to work but I was wondering if there is a way to add the Ascending/Descending bit directly in the variable expression without opening the Properties.


      The Opportunity filters work fine.


      Thanks everyone for your help!