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    Can't do a sum() on the text field...

      Hi All,


      I've got an issue with a text file I'm importing into my QVW.


      Imported the text file in the script; all went well, data is available...

      or is it?



      LOAD @1 as [Eigen Rekening],

           @2 as Valuta,

           MakeDate(Left(@3,4), Mid(@3,5,2),Mid(@3,7,2)) as [Tranactie Datum],

           @4 as [C-D],

      //     Num#(@5) as Bedrag,

           @5 as Bedrag,

           @6 as [Tegen Rekening],

           @7 as Geadresseerde,

           MakeDate(Left(@8,4), Mid(@8,5,2),Mid(@8,7,2)) as Datum,

           @9 as Soort,

           @11 as Omschrijving#1,

           @12 as Omschrijving#2,

           @13 as Omschrijving#3,

           @14 as Omschrijving#4,

           1            as Count#



      [C:\Documents and Settings\Papa\My Documents\TeleBanking\txt]

      (txt, codepage is 1252, explicit labels, delimiter is ',', msq);



      The field Bedrag is must be a numerical field, but I can't seen to change it from text to numerical

      I can't do a sum() or Avg() becouse it is a text field.

      Please help, tnx a lot