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    Set analysis equal fields

    Eleni Theodoridou

      How do I have to syntax this Set Analysis sum({$<FieldA={FieldB}>} TOTAL Sales). See attached a document were this problem occures. At the column test i want to have 6000, 2000 and 7000. Any help will be apriciated!

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          Diamantis Archontoglou



          The numbers you are expecting are valid when the data are grouped by BudgetYearMonth.


          So if you develop an expression like this: sum(TOTAL <BudgetYearMonth> Budget) and use as a dimension the BudgetYearMonth it will work. Otherwise, the data model does not makes sense at least to me.

          Hope it helps...





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              Maybe try month as one field, regardless of whether budget or transaction.

              You can do that by putting both sets of data in the same table, with CardID and Month being common to both types of data. Else you can create a link table that include CardId and Month and then links off to transactions or Budget tables.

              With month linked you can then set that as your dimension (see attached)

              In case you knew all this and were using this example to simplify a more complex situation, I couldn't get the set analysis working the way the Advanced design and development manual suggests you should. Apparantly you can type something like "Sum({$<OneDate=AnotherDate>} Amount)", though I am a little suspicious as their example missed out the closing curly brace '}' symbol.



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                Eleni Theodoridou

                Dear All,


                Thank you for your reply. The data model is exact what we want and unfortunatelly we want to have only that fields as dimensions in the chart.


                Jonathan, as you can see in my attached that's (something like "Sum({$<OneDate=AnotherDate>} Amount)") exactly what i want to do but the problem is that it's only works when the user make selection on the YearMonth field, that's why i need help!