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    QlikView on IIS

    Muralidhar Koti



      Today I have installed QlikView on a new server. Our requirement is to use IIS instead of QlikView web server. The installation went really smooth. But when I tried to access the access point, I am getting a error 'qva undefined'. The following are details of the installation


      1. The server is 64bit with Windows 2008 & IIS7

      2. I have installed .Net framework 4 after IIS is installed. (so no need to apply aspnet_regiss)

      3. QlikView 10 SR5

      4. I am accessing the access point on the same network.

      5. When I install QlikView web server on this, everything works perfectly. So I rule out any installation or rights issue.

      6. The domain account which is running the QV services is part of administrators group and also QV Administartors

      7. The 'Qlikview IIS' application pool is running under 'ApplicationPoolIdentity'.


      Please let me know if you need any more information with respect to configuration.


      I badly need to resolve this as issue ASAP. Please help me.