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    Minus enteries in time calucation



      I have the following command in one of my calculated expressions inside a straight chart



                (RangeMin(frac(closedate), MakeTime(18))

                - RangeMax(frac(logdate), MakeTime(8)))

                + (NetWorkDays(logdate, closedate-1) * MakeTime(10)) // Only 10 hours per whole day



      The expression ensure that a specific time calucation only occurs on weekdays between 8:00 and 18:00.  However I have noticed that if something was logged (logdate) at say: 07:30 and then closed (closedate) at 07:53, it works out the time as -00:07:00. 

      What it appears to be doing is calculating the time it was closed against the time the clock start ticking, in this instance it is 8:00.

      This only occurs when a call is logged and close outside of the calucation (08:00-18:00), is there any way this can be corrected.