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    Using Inputfield with missing data

      I have a fairly large table that has roughly 350K rows worth of misc information in it.  There is a Purchase Order Amount field among this data that occasionally has information in it for a given week.  Almost none of the items we have in this table have complete information for every single week in a given year.  There just isn't that much going on at a SKU level for these items.  If there is no record for a given item on a given week, I am not allowed to edit the Purchase Order Amount for that item on that week.  My goal is to essentially have a scratch pad to allow my users to input orders they will be placing in weeks that have no records so they can later export those changes to Excel and then place their orders externally.  How do I make QlikView accomplish this without turning my 350K records into 18 million records to enter zeros for every missing week's Purchase Order Amounts?


      Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.