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    Bar Chart - Drilled down of specific field



      I was wondering if someone knew this answer to this query.


      I have 2 fields, one called Level3desc and another called Level4desc.  These fields show the software and subsoftware of a call that is raised on our helpdesk.  Therefore Level3desc may show Microsoft Office and Level4desc may show Word 2010.


      What I want to achieve on my bar chart, is that if I click the Microsoft Office part of the bar chart (which may show 50) calls, I want it to be able to drill down into the subsoftware categories (therefore another bar chart occurs in place of the existing one possibly showing:  Word 2010 25 calls, excel 2010 10 calls, access 2003 5 calls, other 10 calls)


      Is this Possible.




      Jon Ditchfield